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Emeralds Videos

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Emeralds Photos and Videos

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YouTube Channel Emeralds Gallery

2015-2016 Photos

2016-2017 Photos

2017-2018 Hollman SmugMug Pics

Sep 15 Pep Rally & Football Game (Pasadena)

Sep 22 Football Game (Spring HS)

Sep 29 Football Game (Brook)

Oct 4 Homecoming Parade/Rally

Oct 11 Football Game (Homecoming)

Oct 13 Football Game (Lake)

Oct 14 Dance Clinic 2017

Oct 20 Pep Rally

Oct 20 Football Game (Springs)

Nov 4 Football Game (Senior Night)

Nov 10 Football Game (Creek)

A big thank you to Mrs Hollman for capturing all of thes awesome pictures of our Emeralds!!

2018-2019 Hollman SmugMug Pics

Sep 1 Football (S. Houston)

  Sep 7 Football (@ Texas City)

  Sep 14 Football (Homecoming)

  Sep 21/28 Football (@Bellaire/vsSprings)

Oct 5 Football (PepRally & @Brook)

  Oct 13 Football (Dickinson)

  Oct 20 Dance Clinic Sign Seniors

  Oct 20 Dance Clinic   

  Oct 26 Senior Night

  Nov 2 Beat Creek Pep Rally

  2018 Christmas Party/Parade

2018-2019 Photos